Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend Update

A little behind here, but I needed to share some hipstamatic shots from this weekend!(Most still to come as I lost my charger for my camera and need to by a new one today) Tommy boy and I started things out right on Friday and saw Splice, the new film by Canadian director Vincenzo Natali starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley. I LOVED this film- it was a great genetic sci-fi and it's nice to see a Canadian film that isn't about some shitty national cliche.

After that we headed over to my gf Nic's house for some pre-party champagne- to celebrate being done our Wild Rose Cleanse. It was so hard not to have any sugar, bread or liquor for 12 days- I'll admit I snuck a glass of wine or two! The party was awesome- I caught some very wonderful "derelict" shots from the party house basement(which I cannot post until tonight) I'm so excited for my new camera!!!

Saturday morning we all went for breakfast at The Ship and did a little vintage shopping in the afternoon.


Steak and Eggs- Breakfast of Champions!

I have to say my fave vintage places in Calgary right now are:

1. USED 921 17 Ave SW
2. Divine 720 17 Avenue SW
3. Value Village 3405 34 Street NE
4. Cat's Eye 614 10 Ave SW
5. Junk Star 718 17 Avenue SW

Lately I've been picking up soom amazing stuff- notably a black leather patchwork batwing pullover that is croched togethor with this wonderfully silky thread.

This baby will take me places!

Downward view

Me at Local 510- great joint

Allison & Nicholette


We stopped by Local 510 for some sunny day brewskies and re-conviened for a fabulous dinner at The Living Room. Our dinner was definitely the highlight of my weekend. Again- in celebration of having finished an herbal cleanse we thought why not go all out. I had an amazing lambrack for dinner and shared a Bernard Calibou Fondou with the ladies for dessert!

Tommy holding his own with us ladies





Hangin after dinner

Too full to even move!

Overall a wonderful weekend! I am posting my amazing party pics tonight! I can't believe I went this long in my life without a great camera. I'm having so much fun with it.

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