Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Grace

My life has been changing so much within the last week it is unbelievable! It's very peculiar that these changes have centered on the lunar eclipse and planetary shift that occurred this last Saturday. As I've been preparing to move to NYC this August 22nd, I've been faced head on with the reality of my current lifestyle and relationships. This has been an extremely healthy process for me, particularly in rooting out certain things in my life that no longer are allowing me to grow but rather are inhibiting me. In doing so I have had to make difficult and painful decisions, but I believe in the long run these are the best choices I can make for myself. Although it's an emotional experience I have felt much personal gratification and the release of unneeded burden. I have felt a new surge of energy flowing throughout me; body and soul, as well as a new outlook on life with a much more positive and healthy attitude. At the same time, I feel as I am growing forward I am accepting the little bits of myself that need to be left behind. Everyday seems like a new adventure with new purpose and possibilities. My fear of the unknown strengthens me for the unfolding of my future.

This is an amazing editorial from my Astrological month of February- yes I am an Aquarian! I have been feeling very centered as a result of these shifts I am currently undergoing, and my inner bohemian has been emerging. These images inspired me and put me in a great mood this morning, hope you enjoy.

Sasha Pivovarova by Emma Summerton for Vogue Italia February 2010
Photos courtesy PaperMode

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