Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Weekend

It seems as if the weeks fly by quicker and quicker, and the same can be said for my precious weekends! The Lilac Festival was the main local event that I went to Sunday, it is always so much fun...depending on the weather that is. Calgary has been getting the WORST weather- all rain, no sun! My friend Nic and I went to the Coup for Brunch, a wonderful little vegetarian restaurant tucked away on 17th Ave. It was absolutely delightful. Since I am on a cleanse right now this was the perfect place to eat!!! I had organic granola with fruit compote, organic bananas and almond milk topped off with a soy chai latte! It was so great- I would recommend it to anyone who lives (or is visting) Calgary.

The food is all organic, vegan friendly and very reasonable!!!

My GF Nic...she's a beauty.

Some vintage quails my gf picked up at the festival.

We stopped by Local 510 for a snack after the festival and then picked up grocerries for a special Sunday evening meal. My babe joined us for dinner- ginger lemon chicken, asparagus, buckchoy, mashed squash and brown rice. Our little family dinner!

My man

At Nic's place.

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