Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Ghost Who Walks

If you haven't purchased(NOT downloaded)the new Karen Elson Album, The Ghost Who Walks, you should...right now! It is absolutely amazing. For those who don't know Karen Elson is a British Model Singer/Songwriter who is marred to Jack White III. I am a huge fan of Elson because of her runway modelling and editorial work, and was super impressed to find out that she wrote all of her own music. It has this great old haunting southern folk vibe to it, here are some images of her album art and modelling.

Photos courtesy fashionista.com, thelovemagazineblog.wordpress.com, papermag.com, fashionknowitall.wordpress.com, flickr.com, voguearchives.onsugar.com, zimbio.com, frillr.com, brooklynvegan.com


  1. Haven't bought it yet... But very curious to hear it. I love everything she does!