Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I stumbled across some vintage vogue covers that I NEED to share! I am an absolute lover of anything twentieth mid-century era, especially the 60's. I love how fashion was evolving so much, and parallel to these changes were the extreme shifts in society. I would give anything to go back and have graduated High School in 1967, just as my Mum did. (She grew up in the Mid-West US, and went to High School and College during the peace love movement)I hope you enjoy!!!

UK Vogue October 1969- Pattie Boyd

UK Vogue September 1969- Jean Shrimpton

Paris Vogue May 1969- Jane Birkin

US Vogue November 1968- Veruschka

UK Vogue February 1968

UK Vogue May 1968

UK Vogue December 1967- Candice Bergen

US Vogue November 1967- Susan Murray

US Vogue August 1967- Mia Farrow

Paris Vogue May 1967- Twiggy

US Vogue November 1966- Veruschka

UK Vogue October 1966

US Vogue July 1966- Barbara Bach

US Vogue March 1966

UK Vogue September 1965

UK Vogue July 1965- Sophia Loren

US Vogue March 1965- Wilhemina

US Vogue November 1964- Audrey Hepburn

US Vogue September 1964- Veronica Hammel

UK Vogue July 1964

US Vogue February 1964- Wilhemina

US Vogue September 1963- Brigette Bauer

UK Vogue August 1963- Jean Shrimpton

US Vogue April 1963

UK Vogue November 1962

US Vogue May 1962- Isabella Albonico

US Vogue January 1962

Paris Vogue December 1961

US Vogue September 1961- Dorothea McGowa

US Vogue July 1961

UK Vogue February 1961

UK Vogue December 1960

US Vogue October 1960

UK Vogue March 1960
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  1. Wow some of these are fantastic. I also admire the art and creativity of 60's.

  2. Thanks so much for these pics. Im doing my textiles project on the art of vogue and these have come in handy! I've been inspired!

  3. UK Vogue February 1968... Faye Dunaway?

  4. Just absolutely enjoyed looking at these covers. I just love the look