Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The following images are in reverse order (This peice closed the show)

Close up of Cherisse

Black 50's High Waisted Rouched Bathing Suit with Purple Sheer Crepe Peplum Bathing Suit Cover and Chartruese Georgette Sash

Cobalt Crepe Sheath Top with Shoulder Embellishment and Printed Voile Peplum Pencil Skirt

Cobalt Georgette Waterfall Shoulder Top and Grey Pencil Skirt with Cobalt Embellishemnt

Grey Silk Shift Dress with Chartruese Georgette Wrapping

Orange Crepe Vertically Pleated Cocktail Dress

Printed Voile Top with Shoulder Embellishment and Orange Pleated Skirt with Silk Waitband

Black Stretch Micro Dress with Pleated Embellishent

Cobalt Crepe Pleated Cocktail Dress

Grey Peplum Sheath Set with Silk Dove Grey Sash

Chartruese Upholstery Assyemtrical Coctail Dress

Orange Crepe Assyemtrical Top with Splatter Pique Micro Mini

Purple Georgette Waterfall Shoulder High Cut Top with Black Silk Jazz Pants

Splatter Pique Sheath Dress with Chartruese Georgette Emabllishment

Purple Peplum Sheath Set with Chartruese Georgette Rear Detailing and Orange Silk Sash

Finally after months of hard work I unveiled my debut line at Alberta Fashion Week. This was the first annual event for AFW and it is here to stay!!! Alberta Fashion will put on events throughout the year showcasing local and non-local Canadian designers. The two major events will occur October and March of every year. This is really exciting for Calgarians, Albertans and Canadian designers- finally the local fashion community is coming togethor and putting down some roots! I hope you enjoy my new line.


  1. Which of the tenant are you talking about, the HollyWood or the NollyWood?

  2. Hi Lael,

    Congratulations on a fabulous Alberta Fashion Week show! It was a privilege to attend a well produced fashion week that included talented designers such as yourself. I personally loved everything in the collection but if I had to choose the cobalt waterfall top and purple and chartreuse sheath would be in my closet.
    I would love to do media relations for you. If you are interested give me a shout so I can introduce you to the Honey Mustard. I do have a 20% off special for AFW designers until November 30, 2009.
    Anyways, best of luck with everything and I’ll see you at the next Alberta Fashion Week.

    Sarah Murray
    The Honey Mustard Fashion and Media Services

  3. Hello Lael,

    Im interested in having you take part in an upcoming show, but do not know how to reach you!

    =) The show is FREE to participate in, and you would be one of only 5 desingers featured! It will be advertized on the breakfast show, and through various campaignes...

    Please contact me as SOON as possible!