Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Look Of The Day

Often when we think fashion, we think designer labels and big bucks. I'm here to tell you (as an avid thrift store shopper) that this is nonsense! Although style and fashion are two very things, you can have it all with confidence and creativity. The young woman here is wearing a recycled eighties look- aimed to the hipster but still looking good in non-label garb. My best hint is to check out Divine Fashion on 17th Avenue SW in Calgary, AB- some of the best vintage in this city for the cheapest price!

Alberta Fashion Week Schedule Released

The event is getting closer! Alberta's first annual Fashion Week is coming up Oct 4 to Oct 10, and here is the Designer Schedule;

Designer Schedule
(All times are PM)

Tuesday, October 6
Opening Show 7:00-8:00
Camille Prins
Adejoke Taiwo

Wednesday, October 7
Designer Mashup Show 7:00-8:30
Maria Orduz
Jana Klaus Beatrix
Madame Wolf
Heather Leslie
Emery Eden
Olga Courtnage

Thursday, October 8
Fashion Show 7:00-7:30/8:00-8:30
Lael Osness
Jennifer Shepherd
Brenda Low
Caitlin Power

Friday, October 9
Designer Trunk Sales 11:30
Olga Courtnage
Hadija Gabunga
Sarah Moore
Alex Hunt
Cynthia Hou

Designer Runway Show 5:00-5:40/7:00-7:40/8:20
Nonie Rahal
Holly Irwin
Hannah Grant
Kyle Nylund
Laura George

Saturday, October 10
Afternoon Designer Runway Show 3:00/4:00/5:00
Tiffany Wollman
Erin Williams
Sara Chalupnicek

Evening Designer Runway Show 6:00/7:00/8:00/9:00
Shelley Court
Sarah Shell
Jessica Halabi
Special Guest

TICKETS GO ON SALE SEPT 7- Be sure to get yours!