Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Sewing Machine

May I introduce you to my sewing machine, a 4277 Singer Advance. This baby was a Christmas gift from my parents this year, and probably the most useful gift I have ever recieved. My studio setup is limited, but there is plenty room for all of my supplies.
Ever since I have gotten back into sewing I have found fasination in vintage sewing books. I love antiques as it is, and anything that involves antiques and sewing is right up my alley! The first book I aquired is a Singer book from the 50's, it was a freebie from the owner of an antique store located in Kelowna, BC. Louis keeps little trinkets aside for me whenever I am in Kelowna, a true reminder that networking can be the most valuble tool!
I also have huge containers full of my crafting supplies, but for now I keep my lux fabrics out in the open so they are handy for me to reach. I am currently on the lookout for a serger and dress form to add to my sewing collection, so browsing ebay has become a daily event. I will post updates on my progress!

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