Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Rainy Day

An abundance of indoor time has been brought to my attention with all of this atrocious Calgary weather. With that said, I have no excuse but to sew all night long nestled in my little apartment! Currently I am working on finishing a jumpsuit I started for my sister-in-law's birthday, and it will be a great creation to have finished. It seems every season the eighties floodgates open a little wider and wider- and now with rompers and jumpsuits dominating the runway it is undeniable that the eighties are here to stay. (well who really knows!) It is so exciting for me, a person who would have loved to live throughout the 1980's, to see such a trendy garment become a staple in one's summer wardrobe. When I set out designing a take on the modern jumpsuit I felt it important to punctuate on my personal style and a mash up of assorted inspirations. The jumpsuit that I designed for Cherisse was quite expirimental but with new projects ahead this garment has many possible routes to follow. I am developing a summer line that will include jumpsuits, rompers, billowy tops and trouser shorts. I'm selecting lightweight fabrics with movement allowing a feminine silhouette, as well as assorted sheers. Since I'm at the drawing board process I will keep updates on unfolding ideas and creations!
For now so long,

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