Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Dress Form

I just ordered a new adjustable dress form and I am thrilled! This baby will be my new best friend when it comes to fitting garments to specefic measurements. I think I will name her NANCY!!!

Cotton Candy Origami Dress

Recently I picked up a whole bunch of great remnants at the fabric store and decided to do a quick little project for myself. Because I was using a sheer material I made a tube dress out of some hot pink spandex that luckily matched the pink shade of sheer fabric. I decided to do something simple but fun, and the bright color makes this off the shoulder dress pop! It's a mash up of something you might see for spring/summer 2009 on the runway- in terms of style it's got that 80's look going on, and I love the delicate little tipped shoulders that add a oriental origami style to it. It reminds me of something you might see from 3.1 Philip Lim, Alexander Wang or maybe Marc Jacobs. I fit this to myself without a pattern.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alberta Fashion Week

Alberta Fashion Week is a time reserved for the celebration of fashion here in Alberta. This year I was invited to submit a mini Spring/ Summer 2010 line in the week taking place October 4th to the 10th. I am thrilled to be a part of this event which hopefully will expose me to more of the local fashion industry and designers! Right now I am developing the concept behing this mini-line by doing alot of research and out of the box thinking. I will post these garmets when I complete them. Ciao for now!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The First Style Icon- Jeanne Paquin

I've been researching twentieth century fashion for ideas and inspiration, and my interest was struck while reading about some of the first fashion icons. Because these were days when women had to fight for their rights and eventually liberate themselves, it makes perfect sense that they also had to fight to clothe themselves as equals rather than erotic ornaments. Around the turn of the century the female wardrobe embodied that of an "S" shape. Women were fully armed in their grotesque and unnatural body form; breasts pushed outward and the rear exaggerated as a counterweight. The female shape was treated as an object, deformed and suppressed from it's natural state. This was the industry standard for female fashion, visibly unequal to that of a man's garment.

Rational dressing was becoming more popular and expirimental by artists and free thinkers of this early century. During this movement of modern thinking Jeanne Paquin established a name and iconic reputation for herself as the first couturiere to become a fashion icon. Jeanne and Isidoe Paquin opened the House of Paquin in 1891, it soon became known for it's youthful, modern and sophisitcated fashions. Eight years into her career Jeanne was chosen by other leading couturiers to head the first collective exhibition of couture at the Paris Universal Exibition in 1900. For her display she chose a wax manequin of herself dressed in a lux blue velvet teagown emriodered with gold roses and trimmed in Alecon lace. Paquin was known for wearing her own designs and making an impression on those around her, she has been coined as "The Mother of Modern Dress" due to her free and comfertable garments. She was the personification of her own style, and her popularity prepared the way for the rise of the next great fashion personality- Coco Chanel.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Sewing Machine

May I introduce you to my sewing machine, a 4277 Singer Advance. This baby was a Christmas gift from my parents this year, and probably the most useful gift I have ever recieved. My studio setup is limited, but there is plenty room for all of my supplies.
Ever since I have gotten back into sewing I have found fasination in vintage sewing books. I love antiques as it is, and anything that involves antiques and sewing is right up my alley! The first book I aquired is a Singer book from the 50's, it was a freebie from the owner of an antique store located in Kelowna, BC. Louis keeps little trinkets aside for me whenever I am in Kelowna, a true reminder that networking can be the most valuble tool!
I also have huge containers full of my crafting supplies, but for now I keep my lux fabrics out in the open so they are handy for me to reach. I am currently on the lookout for a serger and dress form to add to my sewing collection, so browsing ebay has become a daily event. I will post updates on my progress!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Rainy Day

An abundance of indoor time has been brought to my attention with all of this atrocious Calgary weather. With that said, I have no excuse but to sew all night long nestled in my little apartment! Currently I am working on finishing a jumpsuit I started for my sister-in-law's birthday, and it will be a great creation to have finished. It seems every season the eighties floodgates open a little wider and wider- and now with rompers and jumpsuits dominating the runway it is undeniable that the eighties are here to stay. (well who really knows!) It is so exciting for me, a person who would have loved to live throughout the 1980's, to see such a trendy garment become a staple in one's summer wardrobe. When I set out designing a take on the modern jumpsuit I felt it important to punctuate on my personal style and a mash up of assorted inspirations. The jumpsuit that I designed for Cherisse was quite expirimental but with new projects ahead this garment has many possible routes to follow. I am developing a summer line that will include jumpsuits, rompers, billowy tops and trouser shorts. I'm selecting lightweight fabrics with movement allowing a feminine silhouette, as well as assorted sheers. Since I'm at the drawing board process I will keep updates on unfolding ideas and creations!
For now so long,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Kayleigh

This dress was a birthday gift for my sister Kayleigh, hence the name. It's my first custom garment for someone other than myself and it was designed with some specific parameters which had been requested by my sister for a personal fit. I incorporated colorblocking as well as a tulip-shaped bottom due to their modern look and relevance on the runway. This piece is faced and all inside edges have been finished.My first personally drafted piece!

Green Pencil Skirt with Raw Silk Bow

This was my first sewing project in some time and what better to sew than a pencil skirt! I choose a forest green stretchy dress material as well as some royal blue raw silk for the waist band. This is one of the very few garmets I decided to use a pattern on. I modified it slightly by slimming the whole pattern down, especially towards the bottom hem for a more bell shaped skirt. I also added an assymetrical tri-bow ornament on the back of the skirt, just above the zipper. I was slightly inspired by the Marc Jacobs fall/winter 2008 line. (I think mostly it was the idea of a skirt in these colours)

Vintage Ornamental Madonna Headband

This piece is one of my first headbands of many to make! I am starting to create recycled vintage accessories and this is one of my favorites. I covered the headband in a ceme satin material and added antique lace, fabric and jewels to make it dazzling. I was inspired by Catholic communion headpeices, mafioso like, that would be ceremonial.

Grey Jersey Racer Back Tank

This is a loose and billowy fitting jersey tank, great for layering in any way and light for hot summer weather. I choose to design it with a v neck back that splits into a seam down the tank. All edges are rolled raw for a laid back look. I drafted a pattern for this creation.

Black Crepe Bag Dress

I had decided to design this modern geometric take on a classic bag dress whilst I was in possession of a gorgeous crepe fabric. I was to be attending a funeral and was planning on sewing something myself. It wasn't until I recently saw a bag dress by BCBGMaxAzria that I was planning to use the crepe fabric this way. This garment is fully lined with all inside edges finished, as well as some beautiful lace detailing on the sleeves for an added feminine touch.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vanilla Truffle Assymetrical Dress

The idea for this lovely frock came about when I was looking through all of my extra fabric and discovered some crème satin I had aquired in grade school. It is very shiny and silky feeling and there was no question that I must turn it into a sweet summer dress. I decided to design a simple balloon dress and jazz it up with an assymetrical cut and gushing rossettes! I added some toffee colored fabric in the bobel detailing for a splash of contrast. I wore this dress for an Easter brunch at the Banff Springs Hotel and it was a great event for another creation!


As you can see this is my first post on my blog! I want to welcome anyone surfing through or stopping by for a read. I will post all of my creations, designs and inspirations in the future!